Litany of Ruinous Entities

by L.O.R.E.

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*Cassettes available through Red River Family*


released January 30, 2017

Vocals & Synth: Nihilus Arcana
Guitar: Loreus Heresy
Guitar: Caiaphas
Bass: Wormwood
Drums: Samael Faust
Guest vocals and piano on "Chthonic Reverie": Von Nacht
Litany V Piano: Kristin Shaffer



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L.O.R.E. Florida

Raw American Black Metal

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Track Name: Chthonic Reverie
Sirens in distressing postures gather us under the fallen ash of the moons tears. Eat at what's left. Salvage the casket lain corpse, worship what's taken the last of its breath. Succumb to inevitable scrutinizing. Is there more meaning than what appears before me? I carried your lifeless body in my arms so delicately in a shroud adorned of rose thorns. Numb to the fact that you were gone and this corpse were mere symbolism. Torturous cliff winds lick the flesh wounds at the hems, the flowers lays bleeding broken at the stems. If you no longer exist, what purpose now? He takes you away. Beneath. Beneath. Beneath. What purpose now? Leave me here to suffer, drowning in the lake deep within the oceans trenches. A leper, shunned and cast, beneath. Beneath. Beneath. Breathing black sheets of melancholy born under Saturns influence. Standing against the impure. A silence kills the currents. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. A silence kills the currents and nothing survives. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Bathing goddess seducing my eyes. Lies. Lies. Lies. Lies. Pleasures of disobeying cries. Hallucinating scriptures spoken in twisted lies. Lies. Lies.
Track Name: Litany I
We continue onward because of your love and promise to bask eternally in the meadows. The glimmer of gold from your hair shields me from crimson red masking my eyes. No longer am I misplaced, or forgotten in the sullen tomb. When my time comes and I have nothing left to give, when the torch dims and the fire no longer lives, I will listen to the winds. The beating of the earth, the sound of the rider of war comes to my aid to come take me away. Deep in a meditative phase, in a circle of amber and falcon feathers I am overcome by celestial beings that speak in whispers. A brush of vulgaris remind me that I am a child sworn to the soil of heathen man. Skin of porcelain, drip with blood from corpses of holy men. The pagan forest speaks of lore. Seasonal rain comes again like it does, and time will go on as it was. The ritual knife has been cleansed. We wish to purify all that has been defiled so that we may begin again.
Track Name: Litany II
I stand on the cliffside waiting to die. The crest of the oceans wave waving me goodbye. Yet, am I not alive here? There is a certainty that this shadow will always linger beside of me, but you, is to who I call. The light in the moments of night. But I no longer wish to walk this plane. I dream of the creek in the heat of summer. The sun shines her ray upon my brow. Sanctified. I wish to kneel by her side free of weight. Her touch upon my face. Does she know how beautiful she is? The most tranquil solitude I find while surrounded by your creation. Moss upon fallen oak create a place for me to rest my fatigued head upon your breast. Run your fingers through my hair while I listen to the hum of the axis in rotation. The winter flock have migrated to nest. Covens dance skyclad under lilac moons. Stones of purity, enclose sisters of Mani within. Sacred spaces of blessing. Great energy has been summoned here. Engulfed in the smoke of burning oak moss, the sorceress tempts my weary gaze. I suffer in the midst of thick haze, she tempts me with her eyes, I have sunken in a bed of untouched grass, where I am left here to rot.
Track Name: Litany III
The wolves have been silenced for far too long. Who will hear the cries among these dying men, of which I am one? For so long we have bled. The wounds peel. Agony, nonetheless, however ironic it may be, gives us hopeful memories. There was a moment out there in the darkest silence where the cool of her touch cut deep into my fear struck heart. Who among the hierarchies is prepared to fall at the hands of the children of disobedience? My eyes roll backward in time and my staggering feet echo in the halls of chapel concrete. Engulfed in flames a palette such as yellow orange hues. I am surrounded by disconsolate matriarchs. Let ritualistic monuments and fumes of indigo bring forth a choir of violin church men. Praise the burning of groves. The wolves enslaved howl for the odes. I grow quite amused at the thought of nothing left but the remnants of their entrails. Mine as well. Such beauty in pain and pain inflicted on thyself. Such beauty in pain and pain which nothing can help. Such ruinous entities as these, blooming as a rose, burning from the stems. Hounds howling at the moon glow, the usual face of grace as it slips into endlessly spiraled sailing ships. Whirling sand blanketing the crescent lake as to cover up hidden stars of bleeding scars. Overflowing pools of unused stanza’s meant for the only one. Years of the same October being carried away in a carriage. My sweet porcelette, sinking ships feel your worries. Ambient echoes in the walls of where you used to inhabit. The vibrations are so sonic, they bleed of you, then drip to dust on the bleak flooring. Covered in ash, I am nothing ever. Time traveler of nowhere substantial ever. Our death itself only beautiful as performance art forever. The fog has settled just above the trees. These beasts of night, carry them away into the endless horizon plateau. Caressing tombstones echo like hollow bones. Death to your breathing life.
Track Name: Litany IV
The rain showers overhead. Soaked in warm silver I am sheathed from the terrors beneath. Though my head still bowed in a posture of grief, help me sleep in this new found peace. The thickness in this air gives warning to my lungs of a venomous petrichor. I cradle branches under a wave of perfume and sea smoke. On the circle floor, absorbing life and draining all that lives and hand feeding it death, whom does not forgive. She peels at their flesh, adorned in decor. I find home in my bones washed in the oceans floor. Give praise to the seas waves. Breathe in her eastern pearl shimmer. These lead to the river. Wash your face in her bath of holy glass. Sink in this chamber of silence. Doom petals dance around your weakened cadaver. Trance-like rites, crystal water seeps through lantern light. Elixir sweetened with citrine moon bath, fill me whole and drain this soul, dry. Leaking like caves, the eyes run dry the color of red stones. Such a sleepy weeping willow, what shakes thine heart and crushes the spirit? The black sky howls mothers scriptures. Vengeful and unrelenting. Surround me in your mask of malevolent humid dancing coven chants. Strike them down, with your merciless fury. No care if one lives or dies. Humid silk sheets asphyxiate the taste of blood from Viviane's lustful lips, slaughtered swine kneeled down for divine. Moss overgrown the ancient cobble stone. Blindfold the prisoner, shackle the rose deprived of sunlight.
Track Name: Litany V
Deeply intertwined between the twinkling seagrass. 9 maidens of northern seas, razor blade waves lashing delicate flesh with ease. Guardians of salt jeweled crystalline jasper, wrap your foaming mouths over the glorious structures painted in gold. Eroded beauty that of royal highness. We scoff at the echoed bellowing of clipped angel wings. Oh the enchanted howls, how they sound of such poisonous bare bones. Seduce me no longer. Your floral breath of cursed verses, ignite the flower garden and may fumes paint the sky in chatoyant ambience. Great fires may you rage. Sweet earth may you never thirst. I speak to you through the rocking current of the oceans surface. The vibrating sound waves send lethal pleasuring messages like clinking bottles off at shore. Open the mind and what do you See? I see the sea. she terrifies me. I'm searching for home. The sea tells a hypnotizing trance of lies. My sweet porcelette, sinking ships feel your worries. Ambient echoes in the walls of where you used to inhabit. The vibrations are so sonic, they bleed of you, then drip to dust. Covered in ash, I am nothing ever. Time traveler of nowhere substantial ever. A death only as beautiful as performance art. I drift weightlessly towards Night stars, i am a burial shroud of funeral noir. I am a wound. I am wounded. A wound in the void where Planets emerge in my lunar hearted chamber choir. Gravity knows no boundaries. May I sink into the infinite of astrological phenomenon where space and Oceanic storms are born. Curse me nocturnal spell, send the weakened down to hell where once she stood dethroned and fell.